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BAEM 2017 Transportation

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If you are attending BAEM 2017, here’s where you’ll find transportation details to get to and from the event.  Please read this information carefully as it will outline ID requirements to get into the Conference, parking, shuttles and public transportation.  And if parking, please add :15 to your arrival time to shuttle from the parking lot to the event center.


Genentech Event Center

401 DNA Way (formerly 1000 Grandview Avenue)


South San Francisco CA 94080

ID Information:


To get into the conference, all attendees from outside Genentech are required to present a valid U.S. Government issued photo ID including U.S. State ID card, U.S. Driver’s License, U.S. Permanent Resident Card, U.S. Military ID or a valid passport.

Parking Information

Parking Structure A (approx. 1 mile from Event Center)

450 East Grand Avenue

South San Francisco, CA  94080


Getting to the Genentech Event Center: Once you’ve parked, look for the gRide shuttle stop and take the Green Line shuttle to the Genentech Event Center, 401 DNA Way (formerly 1000 Grandview). The shuttle runs every 5 minutes.

Departing the Genentech Event Center to Parking Structure: At the rRide shuttle stop outside of the Event Center, take the Red Line or the Blue Line. These shuttles run every 3 minutes.

Note: Parking and rRide shuttles are free.

Public Transportation – BART

Attendees who wish to take BART to the Genentech Event Center may board the gRide bus at the following locations:

Millbrae BART Station

Glenn Park BART Station

Take this bus to Genentech campus stop B24.  Walk to 401 DNA Way (formerly 1000 Grandview Blvd – B21)

See the gRide Schedule from Glenn Park and Millbrae BART Stations.