Our Facility: 99.999%+ Uptime

the best in our market with almost two decades of measurements as proof

Our product line includes all the standard rack and cabinet choices for your facility needs.  We offer redundant power circuits up to 10kW (higher with design), AC and DC power, reusable cross-connects and even dedicated panels in the FMMR if desired.

Meet Me Room

Our facility is ten inches away the central internet hub for the Pacific Northwest. Our proximity to the Meet-Me Room enables you to “reach into” it without the lowest costs and shortest latencies possible.

Redundant Power
1.2MW total power, standard power density of 5kW-R, up to 20kW-R (custom design)

PLEASE ask your provider if they offer UPS-redundant, generator-redundant, or utility-redundant power.

We have found that many datacenters charge you for two power circuits  to a single panel, which is pointless.

We have all levels of compliant redundancy, all the way to separate city sub-stations at the power utility itself.

Climate Control

N+1 infrastructure, including CRAC units, Condenser Water Risers, and Cooling Towers. Temperatures are kept between 65-70º F (18-21C), and humidity is maintained at optimal levels. Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle configuration used throughout the facility, including custom fabricated rack-top air baffles, row end containment doors, and blanking plates to ensure efficient distribution of cooling to customer racks via overhead ducts.

Space Options

Cabinet, Cage or Private Suite

Bandwidth Neutrality

We have decades long relationships with 80 bandwidth providers; offering you flexibility, availability, and balance. Use our history with the industry to get you the best deal.


Fully integrated into the WBX BCMS Security grid, on-site digital video surveillance, RFID access tied to the individual, 24/7 security monitoring and reporting.

Staff Comfort and Training

Work areas with links into the facility for peace and quiet, chairs and carts, and standard tools.  For additional convenience, our building is directly connected to the 4-star Westin Hotel for extended stays.

Fire Protection

Double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system with early warning. Individual canisters and egress maps throughout. Alarms systems fully integrated into WBX BCMS notification system.