We Are Committed To Your Success


ColoCenters caters to the company seeking to maintain detailed control over its own systems, making its own decisions with regard to bandwidth and architecture, and drive its own business model. But even when a company has a cadre of talented technicians on staff, we can still be of help.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our long history of providing consulting to Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Managed Solutions

Colocenters offers a full suite of managed services to help enhance your productivity and give you peace of mind. You can be assured the critical applications of your business will be secure while maintaining the highest level of performance and availability. Building on that strong foundation, we offer three levels of professional services to our customers:

Reboot and Visual Inspection

If your server halts in the middle of the night and has to be re-booted, or you need someone to just look at your computer screen and tell you what they see, our 24 x 7 onsite staff are here to help. Our staff can be your “hands and eyes” at any time of the day or night. You don’t have to get out of bed just to put the link into loop anymore.

Equipment Specific Maintenance / Support

We are trained in most of the major systems currently in use, and have contacts to the industry’s “best and brightest” in every facet of computing. If you are simply looking for someone on site who knows Cisco gear, or is Compaq certified, or has expertise with Exchange Server; we can be the immediate solution for you.

Account Specific Maintenance / Support

If you want access to the best in the industry, and want to work with a vendor who seeks the right solution first, then please feel free to contact us. If we are the right match for your needs, we will do our best to make that clear; but if we find that another vendor has a better fit for your needs or a specialist would be able to do the work cheaper, we will make that clear as well. We are proud of the reputation we have made with our customers and colleagues. Please feel free to contact our customers for stories about our commitment to right solutions rather than just lucrative solutions.