People, Systems and Business Made Safe

The Mead Group is a b-to-b technology company with deep roots in enterprise consulting, rapid deployment, corporate resiliency, tier 3 data centers and emergency supplies & training.  We design, implement, and maintain key services that:

Increase stability of your systems

Decrease recovery time so your business is up and running sooner after an event

Provide resources for long term planning and safety for your business and your people.

We currently offer services through three independent but connected brands:

Mead Group Resiliency, resilience consulting focusing on business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency planning.

Nexis Response, protecting businesses and people as a national distributor of quality supplies and training for physical site safety.

Key to our approach is our Unified Enterprise Continuity (UEC) framework which is designed to ensure that the areas of Business Continuity, IT/Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Response/Human Safety work in harmony towards the combined goal of continued and effective business operations.

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